Red Hat Nordics SA Demo lab

We are Red Hat Solution Architects, in this blog we are sharing content that we have used to create our own demos and labs. Some of it has proven to be useful starting points for our customers and partners. You are free to use it as is. If you use it, and it breaks your stuff, you get to keep both pieces ;-). Ansible, Tower, CloudForms, Satellite, RHV, IdM, RHEL, Gluster, Ceph. Disclaimer, This is not a Red Hat official blog, nor a service and we will not provide support on this.

Welcome to Nordics SA blog!

We are Red Hat Solution Architects from Northern Europe, Nordics as they call our countries, and Nerdics as we call ourselves :D

Purpose of this page is to open our demos to you, dear reader. We hold quite much demos as part of our work, and see that they might be useful starting point for our customers too. So in the spirit of open source, naturally we want to get you quickly into speed by sharing our demo automation code here in Git.

We have some of demo environments in use, and we start here by describing our demo environment in Cisco lab. They kindly donated us some sandbox. Feel free to start getting ideas by reading description of that lab in Lab description.

Automation samples available as code

We aim to collect all automation code as Ansible playbooks and roles into our git repository, [].

There will Ansible playbooks (to mention some)

Happy reading, I hope you enjoy and benefit of our blogs!

Commenting is very welcome, in forms of issues and pull requests for example. Blog doesn’t have commenting on, but you are welcome to catch us from Twitter, email, Linked-In, IRC etc…

BR, Ilkka Tengvall, Solution Architect, Red Hat, in behalf of Nördics SA golleges!